Grab your spooky reads, it's the best month of all-October!

By: The Tiny Activist

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If your soul is dark and Spooky is a lifestyle, join me in some haunted tales...

The leaves are as crisp as the pages of a new book...check out what I've been reading and tap any image for more information!

To celebrate this adorable story,, I couldn’t resist recreating Leila's entry in the cake competition.

There's no such thing as ghosts. . . . right?

But what if your babysitter might be a witch? Would ghosts help?

I love the Chinese culture & fashion in this spooky read!

An intergenerational story featuring Hazel & Hilda!

Beatrice likes the dark dark dark . . . and the dark dark dark likes Beatrice . . . 

Moondust Press is a small indie Pagan press that celebrates all magical practices!

Stay tuned for creepy recommendations for older readers!

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