Sneak Peek: 2022 Favorites


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This is a story that perfectly captures what it's like to have a crush

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Art of Protest mixes together knowledge and empowerment as well as the mixed media illustrations delight the readers’ senses.

Pink Blob

Paolo Parisi has taken quotes & a general timeline of events to create a frenetic and immersive look at Basquiat’s life.

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Here and Queer is a book that healed my inner queer teen

Rounded Banner With Dots

Thrasher posits and explains the concept of a ‘viral underclass’.

Pink Blob

Fabulously accessible with memory tricks that help someone be an active ally/upstander, like the 5 Hollaback! D’s

Green Leaf Banner

Noted abolitionist Mariame Kaba tells a story Queenie, whose mother is dealing with SUD & going to be incarcerated for the next two years.

Lastly, this beautiful story centers Haida culture and the intense emotions that tribal ceremonies (in this case a potlatch) evoke,

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