Summer Inspiration: An Activity & Book Pairing!

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Summer is all about hanging out and having adventures, close to home or not-so-close!  In celebration of summer, check out these themed book & activity pairings I've gathered. As always, tap any image to learn more!

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Books for more adventurous readers just ahead!

If your summer plans include relaxing at home... 

Make some icy treats to stave off the heat!

See what this tiny chef is making!

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A cookbook dedicated to fruity deliciousness & a musical picture book that celebrates them!

If your summer plans include the woods...

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Whether you're going for a single afternoon or an extended trip, be prepared!

Check out these stories set in different types of forests!

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Yellow Leaves
Yellow Leaves

If your summer plans include the ocean...


Do you like to stay above the surface? Or below?

Do you know what lurks beneath?

Or nearby?

Or above?

Or beside?


If your summer plans include spending time with family (chosen or biological)...


Learn a new hobby together like astronomy, ceramics, or geocaching! 

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Check out these intergenerational stories!

Didn't see your summer plans?  Stay tuned for part 2!

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Especially if you're looking for some new books to read...

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