#SweetsAndSocialJustice : What's it all about?

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The #SweetsAndSocialJustice hashtag arose out of a desire to combine two of my favorite things: baking and using books to teach about  social justice education! I was once a professional pastry chef.


Inspired by each other, and a book review!

1 Book  +  1 Baked Good

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Tap here to read this Indigenous Nonfiction 

Tap here to read why funnel cakes remind me of my own mother, and a recipe!

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Meringue clouds & lemon curd sun, taken from my favorite illustration in the graphic novel Amazons, Abolitionists, and Activists .

Look at this beautiful post from influencer @readwithriver

Anyone can use the hashtag (with respect)!

Baking is my favorite hobby! And a form of my self-care & mindfulness practices.

Christina Tosi

Is one of my biggest inspirations, she never went to culinary school!

Visit Christina's website by tapping the image

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If you're baking something, it's an opportunity to send a message.

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