Toy and book pairings

Extend your stories into play!

Books are affiliate links, toys are not!

Tap any image throughout the story to find out more information!

Lined Circle

Does your reader like nature?

Have models to act out scenes from books!

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Pair a story with a cake making kit that you put together yourself. The dollar store has all of the ingredients you need! 

Does your reader like to bake?

Challenge them to recreate something from a book!

Flour Bag
Yeast Package
Flour Bowl

A story about friendship and tea pairs well with this tea set from Etsy!

Green Leaf Shape
Green Leaf

Are your readers future astronauts?

Maybe they'll prefer to stay on the ground. Either way, learning to map the stars is a great skill!

Do you have an eco warrior? Check out this sustainability pairing! 

Green Leaf Shape

A reader who likes to create with fabric & fashion...

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