Witches of Brooklyn

Written & Illustrated by: Sophie Escabasse

For Ages: MG

Language: English

Topics Covered: Family, Adoption, Magic, Fantasy, Graphic Novel.

Summary: Late one night, 11 year old Effie is handed over to her elderly aunt by protective services. Her mother has died, and spitfire Effie now finds herself in Brooklyn with two elderly women who are definitely witches. Soon, Effie realizes that she also has some powers, makes some friends, and even gets to help someone afflicted by magic.

This is a really sweet graphic novel that shows character development in Effie; she comes to realize that living in Brooklyn isn’t going to be awful. She can relax, she has adults that listen to her. There are wonderful social-emotional elements to the plot, and an underlying message that celebrities aren’t always what their public persona portrays. Little Feminist also sends discussion questions and an activity sheet with each book. They’re always thoughtful and developmentally appropriate, and honestly the best subscription box I’ve come across thus far.

This book was published by RH Graphic but sent to me by the Little Feminist Book Club. We are lucky enough to have a discount code (THETINYACTIVIST) for 15% off purchases from their website! The code works for anything except gift cards, and this wonderful small business sells book subscription boxes, individual books, and some really neat shirts.

Sophie Escabasse

Sophie Escabasse is a French author and illustrator who lives in Montreal with her husband, three children, and their black cat Terrence. She has illustrated many books for middle grade readers, including Florence Parry Heide and Roxanne Heide Pierce‚Äôs Spotlight Club Mysteries series (Albert Whitman); and the Freestyler Funnies series by Tom Easton (Hachette UK). She has been a graphic novel lover for as long as she can remember and she enjoys fun and expressive characters.

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