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Victoria Grace Elliott


Snickerdoodle lovers rejoice, for I have a new recipe for you. And it’s inside this fantastic new graphic novel, Yummy: A History of Desserts. I know, you’re thinking, ‘But Coco, how did a graphic novel get inside your brain like this?’ And I have no answers for you, but Peri the dessert sprite is a fashion icon and my own internal monologue come to life.

Peri ushers the reader through the history of very important dessert breakthroughs like ice cream, cake, and cookies. This frantic bundle of dessert-loving energy can be found resting against dishes just thinking about how many types of cake she hasn’t tried yet (something I also think about) and hosts historic figures in dessert history for interviews. Peri has two apprentices named Fee and Fada who are equally delightful.

Honestly, this is what I need to power me through the darkest depths of winter, dessert-loving fairies here to tell me historical facts. It’s a light and fun read with a handful of recipes tucked inside as well! Which is how I got my new favorite snickerdoodle recipes which may or may not have resulted in a late-night bargaining session over the last two.

This graphic novel was kindly sent by Random House Kids, but all opinions are my own! Yummy is out tomorrow!

Victoria Grace Elliott

Victoria is the creator of the webcomic balderdash! or, a tale of two witches. Her debut graphic novel, Yummy A History of Desserts is releasing this October with Random House Graphic. She’s currently working on a follow up called Yummy: A History of Tasty Experiments. She’s a queer Southern illustrator & comic artist living in Austin, Texas.

She previously worked at Powerhouse Animation Studios and her clients include Image Comics, BOOM! Studios, Little Bee Books, & Random House Graphic.

Her favorite things are watching soap operas, singing karaoke, and learning about/looking at/eating desserts.

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