Introducing: Baby Ventures!

Happy Saturday!  Chag sameach to those celebrating Passover, and Happy Easter to those who celebrate tomorrow!  This week we are lucky enough to feature Golzar & Lisa!  These hardworking women run Baby Ventures, a book company based in Maryland.  Both of these women use their experiences in non-profit work along with travel & activism to... Continue Reading →

Marvelous Cornelius: Hurricane Katrina and the Spirit of New Orleans

Written by: Phil Bildner Illustrated by: John Parra For Ages: 5-10 years Language: English Topics Covered: POC-Centric Narratives, Hurricane Katrina, American Folktales, Community Involvement, Activism, Social-Emotional Growth. Summary: This book is in American Folktale style, making Cornelius larger than life!  Marvelous Cornelius is based on an actual man who lived in New Orleans and was a... Continue Reading →

Introducing: Little Justice Leaders

Happy Saturday, humans!  It's starting to feel a little bit more like spring here in New England, we've reached the rainy and steamy portion of April and Corrie is dreading the forthcoming wave of pollen.  We are thrilled to be able to help Shelby spread the word about her most recent project: Little Justice Leaders!... Continue Reading →

Tan to Tamarind: Poems about the Color Brown

Written by: Malathi Michelle Iyengar Illustrated by: Jamel Akib For ages: 4 years and up Language: English Topics Covered: Self-Acceptance, Self-Esteem, POC-Centric Narratives, Poetry, Family, Community, Culture & Traditions. Summary: This book is a collection of poetry that celebrates the different tones and shades of brown skin!  Each poem is titled with a shade: Bay, Sienna, Topaz, Sandalwood, and many more!... Continue Reading →

Introducing: Biracial Bookworms!

Happy Saturday!  We are so excited to have gotten to know Bethany Edwards, the driving force behind Biracial Bookworms!  Bethany cares passionately about education and traveling, and even has a course she teaches (link below).  We hope you enjoy the post, and can help Bethany on her journey to create allies and make a better... Continue Reading →

Ada Twist, Scientist

Written by: Andrea Beaty Illustrated by: David Roberts For ages: 4-10 years Language: English Topics Covered: POC-Centric Narratives, STEM, Women in STEM, Family, Love, Acceptance, Social-Emotional Development.  Summary: In a flowing and lyrical story, we learn about Ada, who did not speak until she was 3 but left a path of destructive curiosity in her wake wherever she went.  When she did... Continue Reading →

Introducing Fitz Between the Shelves

Happy Weekend! We have another Sound Off Sunday post this week, because of another conference!  Both of us had an incredibly busy but educational time with conferences on back to back weekends.  We love to continue to grow and learn, which is why we absolutely loved talking with Sarah FitzHenry, who is the brains behind... Continue Reading →

Green is a Chili Pepper: A Book of Colors

Written by: Roseanne Greenfield Thong Illustrated by: John Parra For Ages: Ages 3 to 5 Language: English, Spanish Topics Covered: POC-Centric Narratives, Culture & Traditions, Latinx Culture, Community, Family, Love, Self-Expression. Summary: Green is a Chile Pepper is a joyful celebration of the many colors found in latinx communities, from the orange marigolds for Dia de los Muertos... Continue Reading →

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