About TTA

The Tiny Activist offers tools and resources for teachers, librarians, parents and caregivers interested in discovering and implementing diverse literature and social justice ethics and approaches into classrooms, libraries, and homes. 

Educational Materials

TTA offers a range of Anti-Bias and Anti-Racist (ABAR) curriculum and teaching guides, created by Corrie Locke-Hardy, TTA’s founder and a former classroom teacher with an extensive background in ABAR pedagogy.


Corrie offers a range of consultations and trainings, including gender consults, professional development for educators, ABAR trainings, and more.

Curated Book Lists

Corrie also creates curated book lists for both children and adults, and is available to audit & curate library collections.

Manuscript Editing

For published and aspiring writers, Corrie offers a range of editorial packages to help your manuscript the most inclusive and accurate as possible.


Corrie is thirsty for new knowledge, and loves to share her findings on TTA, so stay tuned!


Season 2 Episode 6: Hena Khan Picture Bookstagang

Picture Bookstagang Podcast: Picture Books and Justice Show Notes PB&J Hena Khan Interview https://picturebookstagang.wordpress.com/ PB&J: Interview with Hena Khan & Guest host Rabia Khokhar Episode summary:      Corrie and Rabia chat with author Hena Khan about her inspiration, experiences, and thoughts on her groundbreaking body of work as a Muslim picturebook and middle grade author. Topics… Continue reading Season 2 Episode 6: Hena Khan